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Press only spacebar to active runes.

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What’s fun in Magnetic? Travel to this physics-based adventure platform game and help a magnetic ball complete his journey safely. Will he make it to the end? Let’s play!

Our little ball has to go through 30 levels successfully to reach his desire destination, and you play a big role here. Guide him to move along the way by activating the magnetic runes hidden under the ground. Different colors leads the ball to different directions (blue – left, green – right, red – down, pick - up). While moving in each stage, it’s necessary to collect all the stars for the highest score. Stay away from dangerous traps or obstacles that can appear out of nowhere. Try to make the best record in time!

Can’t wait any longer, right? Relish Magnetic and see if you can finish the challenge perfectly.

Date Added:2017-02-09

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