Monster Craft




Use only the mouse to enjoy this game.

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Monster Craft

Ever wanted to form your very own army of monsters? Head towards Monster Craft and start combining all kinds of creatures to craft new, powerful, and unique species immediately.
This action-fighting strategy flash game is all about breeding the monsters and robots to build a strong battling team. How? Visit the Craft Lab and check the Craftbook for all the DNA combinations. Gather, hunt for monsters and create hideous, deadly ones – remember to train them skillfully and bring them to the main arena for monster combats. Try to win every battle to obtain as much money as possible so that you can buy all the units later; and, unlock the achievements. Are you able to lead your team to the final round and get the championship?
Join in Monster Craft and wipe away the bad creatures by guiding your own monster troops. Hope you gain the victory here!

Date Added: 2016-05-12

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