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The Domino Knight




The mouse is to place domino pieces on the board.

Game Details

The Domino Knight

Are you good at playing domino? Go straight to The Domino Knight if the answer is "yes", fellows. Like usual, your objective here is to solve different domino puzzles for the victory!

Once hit Play, you will help a little knight make it through all 49 levels using the domino tiles to complete every round. How to build paths of domino stones? Connect the dominos together to make a connecting pathway to the end point. Choose the domino pieces and drag them up to the board. To spin the pieces, press spacebar. Do not forget to gather as many coins as possible and other objects that might help you somehow. Find at least three golden coins in order to proceed to the next stage. There are countless obstacles on the way. Can you find the right path?

Lead your knight through the puzzles in The Domino Knight. Much fun playing!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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