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The Ends




Tap arrows to move.
Tap spacebar to attack.

Game Details

The Ends

Spend time playing The Ends, a short, dark, action adventure game. Without checkpoints, it’s all about discovering and fighting. Can you figure out the end of this journey?

You are a lonely hero who is on the way looking for your very first love, The Shadow Girl. Now, you are getting lost in a devastated, collapsed place full of evil gooey monsters. To reach to the place of your lover, the only solution is to defeat all the aggressive slimes. Use your sword and stab them at the right time. If they are too crowded, run as fast as you can or the protagonist will lose your precious lives. Since this game gives you no direction guide, make use of your skills to find the way out.

Be able to complete the task in The Ends? Let’s play and prove your ability to us!

Date Added:2017-02-09

Category: Other Games

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