Worm Craft




To play this point-and-click game, please use the mouse.

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Worm Craft

Hey, kids! Take your spare time and visit Worm Craft immediately. What's this game mainly about? You'll get a chance exploring the treacherous Doom Island. Are you ready to start?
Landing on the main screen, the players will recognize a large amount of outlaw worms are trying to get back home from the Doom Island. What is your job here? This addicting strategy game requires you to save as many worms as possible in every stage. If the worms want to escape the island and go home, you just simply click on a tool to help them perform the mission. In order to stop the current action, click again on the selected worm. Each pink worm can only carry out two tasks per stage, such as digging, building bridges, parachuting jump, and more.
You will receive a password at the end of each stage. collect all to conquer everything in Worm Craft. Hope you succeed!

Date Added: 2016-05-13

Category: Craft Games

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