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Your Choice Idle




Interact with your mouse only for playing.

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Your Choice Idle

Today’s game pick is Your Choice Idle, an idle strategy game. Here you need to lead your own kingdom – building up your town and strengthening your empire. Get started now!

It’s time to choose your path to conquer the world. The task at first glance is easy, but the end result will depend on your decisions. Only when making the right options, you can become a great hero. Like other idle-click games, it’s necessary to earn as much money as possible and then spend it for advanced upgrades while you are performing the mission. Expand your land and build infrastructure to get even more goal. Of course, you should also carry out quests to make the progress of your army.

Yup, Your Choice Idle features a lot of interesting upgrades, bonuses, etc. The game here will surely keep you playing for weeks…or even longer.

Date Added:2017-02-09

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